Wednesday, 16 December 2009

"I think I got the Spins"

Having studied journalism at university, I knew it was definitely a field I wanted to explore & experience....Well, going out in the 'real world' especially during these 'blog-manic' times it seems, in one way or another, so does everyone else. So finding out about Catch 22, has definitely saved me some time in the journey of pursuing that dream.

The Spins
One of the activities which we the students of catch 22 are lucky enough to do every morning for essentially 1 hour, is find a story (preferably an intresting one:)) and put a spin on that same story(spin=hit the story from a unique angle) Now this sounds easy peesy from the outset right; find a story, hit an angle, finish....right? Well you'll be surprised how finding an angle(a unique 1 ) can at times, be funningly testing.
You think you have the spin, than not dealing with the matter @the hand or just the spin is not a spin or even worse than that, the story is from this mornings metro!(lol:)
On the whole spinning has proved (when applied;) to be a good practice for the mind and the constant pushing we recieve from either sharon, kate or Sims eventually forces the gems to descend one way or another.

Fav catch22 Perk:
Using Apple computers (I'm slowly but surely converting..;)